High School | Grade School | Preparatory

  • Preparatory School

    Kindergarten 1 - Age 4,
    Kindergarten 2 - Age 5

    Child learns basic concepts and skills through character building activities, manipulative games, fundamental math operations, reading, writing and spelling, basic computer concepts and prayers.

    Junior High School

    Grades 7 - 10 - Ages 12 to 15

    Students intensify learning competencies through acquisition of more knowledge in core subjects, Information Communication Technology and other technical work skillsand ethics to be holistically developed learners.

    Solid Foundation

    NAMEI Polytechnic Institute builds the foundation of your child's education in the areas and skills demanded not just in the country but around the world: Computer, English, Math and Science. Our goal is to give your child competency in these subjects and prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of modern times. In addition, we offer elective courses in Higher Math for students who desire extra preparation.

    However, don't think our education ends there.

    We include Art and Music subjects, vocational classes, Physical Education and Ethics in our curriculum. We don't just aim to give your child technical training but a formation that develops them wholly as human beings. We wish not just to give your child tools for success but versatility and direction in life.

    NAMEI Polytechnic Institute gives a complete and well-rounded education. We want our students to be able to go where their future is brightest.

  • Elementary

    Grades 1- 6 - Ages 6 to 11

    Great emphasis is given to Communication Arts, Math, Science and Technology and Computer competency. Pupils' Learning experiences, good attitudes and value formation are intensified through constructive and effective participation and involvement in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

    Senior High School (offering HUMSS, STEM and GAS)

    Grades 11 to 12 - Ages 16 to 17

    The curriculum is in alignment with 21st century skills and college readiness standards of higher education institutions.

    Dedicated Teachers

    Our teaching staff is dedicated to the duty and vocation of properly forming young minds and hearts. Our faculty is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable veterans and enthusiastic, progressive newcomers. Competent and up-to-date, our instructors are well-prepared and capable of addressing your child's academic needs.

    In addition to employing adept professionals, we also ensure that teachers and students are assigned to small classes. By following optimal teacher to student ratios, we ensure efficient and effective guidance. Your child will receive an ample and proper amount of supervision and time from his or her instructors.

    In addition to solid academics, our formation stresses discipline, order and responsibility. We take proper conduct and good behaviour very seriously. Good manners are gold and courtesy is a rare treasure these days- imparting them onto the next generation is an important part of our mission.

Sr. Clotilde Madridano, fhma

Sr. Clotilde Madridano has been an educator for over 26 years. A member of Order of Franciscan Handmaids of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she first worked as a teacher in 1973 and has worked since in both the country and in Hawaii. She became an assistant principal at Floss Carmeli School in Fairview, Quezon City in 1991. In 1997, she came onboard as principal for NAMEI Polytechnic Institute's Prep, Grade School and High School levels. She continues to not just teach but serve as a stern but wise administrator.