Enrolment in NAMEI Polytechnic Institute - College Department is extended from Nov. 15 to 17, 2017 both for OLD and NEW students. Office hours start at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM only.

         No enrollees will be enterteained starting Nov. 20, 2017 because the School Calendar for this Second Semester is greatly affected by the ASEAN Summit.

         For your strict compliance.

ATTENTION: ALL STUDENTS (Updated 04/03/2017)

Subjects which will be offered this Summer, 2017


Subjects which will be offered this Summer, 2017

                Seam 4, NAV 6 and NAV 7

        The 2nd semester grades and class pictures will be available on April 10 and 11, 2017. Those who have failed or have been dropped or in need of certain subjects because they are graduating, please pass a formal letter addressed to the Dean for Academics, Mrs. Agnes B Laureta, stating the subject/s needed, names of the students who will enroll(minimum of 15 students) with corresponding signatures and contact numbers.

        Students who are sure by now that they will fail or will be dropped, can pass the formal letter as soon as possible so we can prioritize the opening of the subject/s needed.

ATTENTION (3/29/17)

To the following ESLP students listed below, please see
Mrs. Jogno at the College Office ASAP.
  1. Adoptante, Marvin M.
  2. Bumanlag, Ivan John C.
  3. Castro, Mark John S.
  4. Cuadilla, Kim L.
  5. Chua, Lendel Carlo S.
  6. Delgado, Ron Ryan S.
  7. Garcia, Philip Joshua E.
  8. Lavarias, Zandro Jr. S.
  9. Limpante, Brixton John M.
  10. Namalata, Kevin Jay P.
  11. Ochoterina, Aldous Clark O.
  12. Ogsimer, Joe Mari S.
  13. Plaza, Arnel John S.
  14. Ravelo, Rhondsmert E.
  15. Robles, Jhon Michael D.
  16. Tadle, Junielo B.